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The horror of manual accounting before QuickBooks Online

Before QuickBooks Online

In the beginning…

Rewind 50 years and imagine a shriveled little man, sitting in shabby, windowless office, wearing a visor, and punching away at a clunky, loud adding machine. Accounting wasn’t sexy and has suffered the reputation ever since. The times, however, are changing! As the world moves towards technology nirvana, accounting tiptoes quietly behind. Gone are the days of ledger paper, red pencils, and diminishing eyesight. Instead, there is now QuickBooks Online to save the day.

QuickBooks, of course, has been the bookkeeping industry standard for over 20 years. It has now entered this century by providing online collaborative access to accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners. Although introduced several years ago, it has finally come into its own. It now provides powerful capabilities that can truly offer valuable tools and insight to businesses. With an ocean of applications that work together, QuickBooks Online provides a customized ecosystem of tools to automate almost any administrative task.

Although QuickBooks Online is available to anyone, the power in it lies in the ability for an accountant to provide the supportive services that make it really useful. Many try to go it alone, but the really bang comes in working with a knowledgeable accounting professional. Research has shown that 40% of small business owners rate accounting as the worst part of owning a business. Small business owners lose countless valuable hours sweating over bookkeeping, payroll, and tax returns – countless hours that could be used to increase profitability. Some business owners fear the expense, but with automation, the cost of professional accounting help continues to decrease.

QuickBooks Online subscriptions tarting at $29 per month for supported self-service and $49 per month for full service, Management Accounting and Payroll Solutions has the solution for you. Your time is valuable, let us help you get more of it. Contact us today – we’ll make you all kinds of sexy!

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