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There’s a lot of anger around here. As evidence, this election season has been like no other in generations. The seething discontent is no longer bubbling under the surface waiting to explode. It has detonated. The resulting mushroom cloud has only started. The reasons are wide: a lazy economy, chaos all over the globe, and apathetic, self-serving representation in Washington are but a few. Big issues that require big answers. One issue that has surfaced regularly in the accounting world is tax reform and the lack thereof. For thirty years, taxpayers have suffered the slings and arrows of an outrageous tax code. No longer can mere mortals prepare a moderately simple income tax return and submit it. It takes an army of seasoned professionals to interpret and apply the mountain of tax law that our lawmakers have created. Tax reform is promised every election cycle but relief remains elusive.
On the other side of the battle, however, is an army of unseasoned tax preparers that use this gluttonous tax code to fleece America. Unsuspecting taxpayers, trying to do the right thing, are victimized by unscrupulous tax preparation scammers that siphon off unconscionable and exorbitant fees from hyper-inflated refunds. When the IRS shows up a year or two later, the con men have slipped into the ether and the unsuspecting taxpayer is left holding the proverbial bag. The victims are usually low income and minority families that have no means to repay the bill and are then further victimized by the IRS without assistance from competent representation.
Valid reasons to be angry? You bet. Answers? Plenty out there, but not a hero in sight to champion them. Politicians wave their tax plans like a steak in front of the starving masses but nothing is done. So let the buck stop here. Together, let’s tackle the tax issues that piss you off, find solutions, and get them done. We can take back our country, one step at a time, starting today.

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